The new 1Control product: a Bluetooth smart padlock

The Italian company further expands its product range with a keyless smart padlock that can be taken anywhere to protect scooters, bicycles, gym lockers, and much more.

Opening from a smartphone and smartwatch, rechargeable battery, and weather resistance are just some of the features of this tool that aims to make the protection of personal belongings outside the home even smarter.

From today, protecting what we hold most dear is even simpler: we announce the launch of LOCO, the keyless Bluetooth smart padlock, operable directly from a smartphone and smartwatch, to secure the gym locker or protect the scooter and bicycle. With an anti-tampering design, aluminum body, and stainless steel shackle, it’s the perfect ally for anyone seeking extra protection. Additionally, Bluetooth communication via smartphone is encrypted with highly secure algorithms, just like other 1Control products.

“After dedicating ourselves to making access to homes smarter and safer, with LOCO, we wanted to expand the range of 1Control smart technologies with a product designed for use outside the home. We felt the need to take an extra step, thanks to listening to the needs of both our customers and the market. Our products provide a simple and intuitive user experience, and with this new smart padlock, all the key features of 1Control products can accompany our users in their daily activities and simplify their lives,” says Francesco Sarasini, CEO of 1Control.

How does LOCO work?

The installation is extremely simple and truly intuitive, thanks to the pairing with the 1Control app and the guided procedure that allows users to be completely self-sufficient and to immediately enjoy the benefits and conveniences of switching to a smart padlock.

To use LOCO, keys that are easily lost or PIN codes are no longer necessary; a tap on the phone or on the Apple Watch / Android WearOS Smartwatch is sufficient, even remotely if paired with 1Control LINK. It is also possible to monitor the history of those who access the padlock for extra protection.

It is also possible to easily create revocable and temporary shares to grant access to the padlock to third parties. LOCO has a standby autonomy of over 180 days and does not require batteries, but a simple USB-C cable for charging. Additionally, the device autonomously notifies the user when it is low on battery.

The padlock undergoes no consequences when exposed to the elements and operates from -20°C to +50°C via Bluetooth connection, so it works even in underground locations or without data connection.

Smart 360° opening management

1Control solutions for access management have already attracted many companies, which have established important and lasting collaborations with the Brescia brand, including Silvelox, Silca, Maserati, Telepass and Pilomat Hörmann. In particular, the partnership with the latter is increasingly consolidated and is developing rapidly, with the involvement of the companies a2a and ATM for the installation of the 1Control solution in road terminals in Milan, and with the extension of the marketing throughout Europe. through the group’s subsidiaries.

1Control also recently announced the integration of its products with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, to allow gates and garages to be opened directly from the car’s infotainment. The company is currently evaluating with Google the development of integration with Google Android Automotive, a step towards an increasingly complete and “intelligent” access experience.

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