Smart Home, simplicity, security and privacy: let’s clarify

We hear more and more often about new intelligent devices capable of simplifying our lives by transforming the house we live in into a more functional and modern tool. Colored light bulbs connected to wi-fi, smart televisions, cameras with visual recognition of people and even the mocha for talking coffee capable of alerting you when it’s ready. And much, much more.

But how many of these “new” smart objects are really useful and simple to install and use?


Simple and safe smarthome with 1Control products

Making our everyday life smart

Thinking “small” we could deduce that every single gesture made smart by technology brings a minimal benefit to our daily lives. Let’s think, for example, of the possibility of making the standard lamp we have in the living room and which we use to read the newspaper smart. At the “read” command, this could light up with the desired color scheme and at the perfect level of light intensity for our moment of relaxation. It is a matter of comfort which, thought of on a single case, has a marginal effect on our living well-being.

Now let’s assume that we have the entire lighting system fully connected to the network and automated, and with it all the other devices in the home.

We could get up in the morning with the “Wake up” scenario set at the desired time: the lights turn on, the shutters open and delicate music fills the rooms, spreading between the bedroom and the bathroom. The shower is activated bringing the water temperature to a perfect comfort level and at the same time the moka turns on for the preparation of the morning coffee.

Here’s how thinking about things as a whole, perspectives have changed diametrically.

Smart Home: is it really that simple?

This is a multifaceted topic.

On the one hand, a home automation system is extremely simple and intuitive to use thanks to the increasing confidence that users have in technologies such as smartphones and touch configuration devices. On the other hand, at the base of an extremely simple to use system we find a complex technological structure that is not always easy to configure. Especially for those who opt for do-it-yourself.

In this regard, the story of a programmer who in 2016 took about 12 hours to connect the electric coffee maker to the home Wi-Fi network is significant (source). Since then, many steps have been taken by technology, however, setting up a smart device is not always simple and straightforward for everyone.

Are smart devices really safe?

It’s no news that Internet-connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices are being hacked. Many manufacturers, in fact, in the rush to introduce new products on the market, have turned a blind eye to the issue of safety in recent years.

Smart Home Security with 1Control

This has generated widespread concern about the security of these devices among users. Nonetheless, the issue of privacy has also always been a “hot topic”. The reluctance to provide data on the daily use of smart objects has always been connected to the fear that these end up in the cauldron of big data and are then used for behavioral analysis studies and subsequently for tracking advertising.

What to do then?

The solution is on the one hand to rely solely on specialized companies that produce certified products that can guarantee a high level of quality and security and on the other to start making your home smart starting from small gestures.

1Control DORY electronic lock to manage the opening of the doors from the Smartphone

Devices such as SOLO for gates and garages and DORY for the front door can add useful functions to our homes without unnecessary complications and above all in total security. Making access to the home smart allows you to obtain many functions and services that the classic keys and old remote controls cannot give us. Isn’t opening doors and gates with the smartphone, which is always in our pockets or purses, perhaps the simplest and most immediate way to “update” those small gestures we do every day?

SOLO and DORY: between practicality and safety

Think of how many times we have forgotten our keys at home or all the times we have weighed the set of keys with disappointment, hoping for a solution. Or again, how convenient would it be to be able to go out for a walk, a bike ride or simply to throw away the garbage without keys or a remote control to move around lighter?

1Control smart gate opener ONLY for managing access from the Smartphone

The practicality of being able to manage everything with a smartphone goes hand in hand with the advantages related to security: no more changing the lock because the keys have been lost, or running to open one’s home to the cleaning lady or gardener. Thanks to the smartphone, everything can also be managed remotely.

Is it possible to do things the “old way” too?

One of the most interesting aspects of SOLO è DORY is certainly the possibility of adding new functions to our home without losing the possibility of doing things the “old way”. Gates, garages and doors can be opened both with a smartphone and with the classic keys or remote control: the choice is yours.

In this way, the transition to a smarter home is simple and above all within everyone’s reach. The grandmother who may not like the smartphone can still use her beloved keys.

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