Open the gate and the garage directly from your car screen

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have finally been integrated into 1Control devices, allowing to open gates and garages directly from your car’s screen.

The Italian company is further expanding its range of services and demonstrating its attentive response to user demands with innovative solutions for home entry management. Their effectiveness and uniqueness are recognized worldwide.

For the first time, from today, all Apple or Android users will be able to open gates and garages directly from the “connected” screen of their car, without looking away from the road, by accessing residences or businesses in an even more practical and secure way, with a simple touch on the vehicle’s touch screen.

We are dedicated to fully satisfying our customers by addressing all their needs with smart, unique, and up-to-date technologies. For us, it’s crucial to listen to feedback and requests in order to develop new solutions that can make access to home or business more and more pleasant. The integration of our devices with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto has been an almost natural process, and we are proud to have been the first on the market to achieve it. We aim for the user experience to become increasingly intuitive, making access to homes or businesses practical and immediate, with solutions that make people’s lives as simple as possible. We strive to make the use of technology a daily habit.”, states Francesco Sarasini, CEO of 1Control.

How does the 1Control application for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work?

The 1Control application for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows users to control 1Control devices directly from their car’s infotainment system. The 1Control app will be displayed on the car’s main unit, enabling quick and secure access to homes or businesses without the need for physical keys or remotes.

To open, just give a tap on the car’s connected screen, without taking your attention off the road.

Installation and operation are extremely easy and intuitive, thanks to 1Control technology. The user will only need to make sure that their car is equipped with an infotainment system using the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto operating system, which is now standard in all new cars. By connecting their smartphone, they will automatically find the 1Control app on the car’s screen.

From now on, all owners of the 1Control SOLO gate opener and the 1Control LINK Wi-Fi hub will be able to access with a simple touch on their car’s screen. The 1Control app remains the same, free, and downloadable from the Apple Store and Google Play, to always have a record, in one place, of all home or workplace openings.

Entering the house becomes smart

1Control covers all types of access systems: doors, garages, overhead doors, barriers, gates, vehicle retractable bollards, both for individuals and businesses. Thanks to smartphones, smartwatches, Telepass toll devices, and now also the car’s onboard computer, it’s possible to easily control entries and exits, even remotely. You can lock or schedule access and solve the problem of duplication of remote controls by malicious people, thanks to a sophisticated encryption system that protects against hacker attacks.

1Control’s home management solutions have already attracted numerous companies, with which significant and lasting partnerships have been established: starting with Silca, a market leader in key duplication with 300,000 points of sale worldwide, which selected 1Control SOLO as an OEM product under its own brand. Pilomat, a company within the German Hörmann Group and a leader in the field of automation for gates, garages, and doors, has chosen 1Control technology to integrate it into all retractable bollards, with the first installation in Milan (Italy) in February 2022.

Maserati, a historic luxury sports car company, wanted to offer its customers the home access experience with 1Control SOLO as an OEM product under its own brand, as an accessory for vehicles in its lineup; and then, Telepass NEXT, the world’s first solution capable of combining insurance, telematics, toll payment, and smart gate opening in a single device.

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