1Control raises over 1 million in investments

1Control raises over 1 million with the entry of CDP Venture Capital and the follow-on from AZIMUT ELTIF – Venture Capital ALIcrowd II.

The Italian company, providing innovative solutions for access management, with a YoY revenue growth of 80% and over 190,000 users across Europe, attracts new investments of 1 million euros.

December 2023 – 1Control (www.1control.eu), a leading company in the access control sector, announces the completion of a 500,000 euro investment round with the Fondo Rilancio Startup managed by CDP Venture Capital. This investment is accompanied by AZIMUT ELTIF – Venture Capital ALIcrowd II, which, after entering the capital in May 2022 with an equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd that reached one million euros, has decided to renew its trust in the company.

1Control is a cutting-edge company specialized in the design and development of technological solutions for smart access control and management. Recognized for its constant research and development of innovative solutions, it has attracted new investments of 1 million euros.

This new funding round not only consolidates confidence in the growth potential of 1Control but also provides the company with the necessary resources to continue developing cutting-edge technologies, expand its market presence, and intensify research and development efforts.

“At 1Control, we are excited to welcome new investors who will enable us to develop increasingly concrete and ambitious plans for the future, including expanding even further abroad – we are already very present in several European states, with particular success in France and Germany – and thus offering our products and services to an ever-widening customer base, fostering the technological and industrial development of our country. Furthermore, this significant step brings us even closer to achieving our goals, which include expanding and improving our product range, making the arrival at home an increasingly smart and secure experience. But that’s not all: our desire is to address the B2B market in an even more extensive way,” says Francesco Sarasini, CEO of 1Control.

With a market expansion that has now reached all of Europe, over 190,000 users, and a YoY revenue growth of 80%, 1Control has demonstrated its ability to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of access systems, from garage doors to gates, from barriers to mobile deterrents, both for individuals and businesses.

The combination of new investments allows 1Control to further consolidate its position in the market of advanced technological solutions, propelling the company towards even more ambitious goals in the industry.

Smart 360° opening management

1Control solutions for access management have already attracted many companies, which have established important and lasting collaborations with the Brescia brand, including Silvelox, Silca, Maserati, Telepass and Pilomat Hörmann. In particular, the partnership with the latter is increasingly consolidated and is developing rapidly, with the involvement of the companies a2a and ATM for the installation of the 1Control solution in road terminals in Milan, and with the extension of the marketing throughout Europe through the group’s subsidiaries.

Looking to the future, the company is now exploring new collaboration opportunities with Surveillance Institutes, Parking facilities, Highways, and Ecological Islands, in addition to considering filing new patents to further improve access systems and their state detection. 1Control also plans to expand its workforce in the short term by hiring new senior-level engineers to accelerate the development of new products and maintain existing ones.

1Control also recently announced the integration of its products with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, to allow gates and garages to be opened directly from the car’s infotainment. The company is currently evaluating with Google the development of integration with Google Android Automotive, a step towards an increasingly complete and “intelligent” access experience.

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