LINK: the new Wi-Fi accessory for remote opening and voice commands

Connect LINK to your SOLO gate opener (2nd Gen) and revolutionize opening.

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1Control SOLO

Open gate and garage.
Wherever you are.

LINK, thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, enables remote opening of the SOLO gate opener.

From the office you can conveniently open the gate to the courier or open the door to your child who has forgotten the keys.

"Ok Google, open the home gate"

"Alexa, close the door"

"Hei Siri, apri il garage"

All you need is a voice command.
At home, in the car or remotely.

Open the gate without any click or close the door comfortably from your sofa,
thanks to the integration with Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

Installation in 3 simple steps

icona wifi

1. Connect LINK to your Wi-Fi network

icona connect

2. Connect it to your SOLO gate opener

icona automatico

3. Start opening remotely and with voice commands

Simple. Useful. Safe

Make your openings even smarter with the new LINK accessory

Incredibly simple

With LINK you control all your SOLO 2nd Generation devices.

Is your SOLO a 2nd Generation device?

LINK is only compatible with 2nd Generation devices.

How do you know if your SOLO is first or second generation?
SOLO 1st Generation devices use the app called "1Control SOLO" with a gate icon, while SOLO 2nd Generation devices use the app called "1Control" with the 1C symbol icon.

Place LINK correctly.

For optimal operation it is essential to pay attention to the positioning. LINK must be within range of your Wi-Fi network and within 20-30 meters of the SOLO gate opener you want to control (case A).

If your gate is more than 20-30 meters away, place both LINK and SOLO in the house on the window closest to the automation to be controlled. In this way, by taking advantage of the operating range of the remote control copied on your SOLO, you can cover a greater distance and open through the Wi-Fi (case B).

Icona multidevice

Multiple accesses, a single LINK

LINK can control all your SOLO 2nd Generation devices.

Icona family

Multiple users, a single LINK

Many people can use the same LINK in total safety.

Icona connectivity


LINK connects to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, it is also equipped with Bluetooth 4 LE.

Icona power supply

Power supply

Connect LINK to your home electrical outlet via the included USB power adapter.

Icona smartphone

Compatible smartphones

Apple iPhone 4S or higher with iOS System 8 or higher. Android Smartphone with 4.3 or higher system and Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Icona distanza

Operating distance

For optimal use, place LINK at a maximum of 20-30 meters from the SOLO device to be controlled and within the operating range of your Wi-Fi network.


Download the LINK accessory guide:

Download Quick Guide  

Data Sheet

For technical details see the technical data sheet:

Download LINK Data Sheet