Do you have a company?

And do you have to manage the access of customers and collaborators to all your entrances (gates, overhead doors, doors, ...)?

Do you have a hotel?

Or a holiday apartment and you need to offer your clients temporary access for their stay?

Are you an installer or a condominium administrator?

And do you want to offer an additional "virtual remote control" service from smartphone to your customers?

Manage access to gates, doors and garages from your computer

The Web Admin 1Control is the complete and professional solution, which allows you to manage your accesses
directly from your computer and without using complex management systems.

Manage your accesses

Share one or more entrances (gate, garage door, door, etc ...) with collaborators and customers, simply by indicating the mobile number of the user you want to enable, even remotely.

You can limit access within certain days / times, set an expiration and revoke sharing at any time in a simple and smart way, both from your computer and from the app.

Check who enters and who leaves

Do you want to verify that your guests have arrived? Has the cleaning service arrived? And has the maintenance company already left the building?

With the Web Admin 1Control you can control who enters and who leaves: select a period of time and view the accesses made, or keep an eye on which users are authorized to use your gate.

Do you have multiple apartment buildings or branches to manage?

Thanks to the 1Control Web Admin you can control all accesses, even from different buildings, comfortably from your computer and remotely, without having to go on site.

OPEN, your custom app

Create your custom app by entering all related information to your business: edit content easily from your computer, in complete autonomy and whenever you want.

Independently customize your business app

You can customize the app with your company logo, set your favorite colors, make information and promotions dedicated to your customers and collaborators available and send instant notifications to your smartphone (push notifications).

Ask customers and employees to download the app

Simply ask your customers and associates to download the 1Control Open app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, scan the QR code, and they'll start using your personalized app.

Your customers and collaborators will thus be able to enter and exit your entrances using the app you customized.

icona App

1. Your customers download the free "1Control Open" app

icona telecomando

2. They scan your personalized QR code

icona smartphone

3. The application is automatically personalized with your name, logo and content!

Keep communication with your users high: register the app with your company name and logo

Choose the OPEN PRO service to register the app with your company name and logo on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, a complete and professional solution designed for all those companies that want to maintain a high level of communication with their users.

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