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We make every opening, door or gate smart,
with a 1Control product

Our goal is to break down the barriers of technology so that it can change the life of each of us for the better, creating simple and smart devices that blend with our habits.

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Welcome Home

1Control is an innovative SME born from the idea of revolutionizing and simplifying the world of IoT products for the Smart Home. The goal is to offer a new way of living the home, with innovative, highly technological and easy to install products.

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to have a clear and precise vision of the Smart Home market and to implement a roadmap of scalable products capable of meeting the needs of different sectors.

The smartphone gate opener

The smart electronic lock

Remote opening and voice commands

The 4-channel universal remote control

Our history

The idea of the SOLO gate opener was born

In autumn 2015 Francesco Sarasini invents the SOLO bluetooth gate opener, the only one in the world to use this technology, without any cables to connect and compatible with 80% of remote controls on the market.


Silca chooses SOLO as an OEM product

Silca, a market leader in key duplication with a turnover of €1 billion and 300,000 points of sale worldwide, selects 1Control SOLO as its own brand OEM product.


The 2nd generation 1Control SOLO

In June 2019 we present the 2nd Generation of our products, with the introduction of a renewed and more complete access management and the increase of compatible remote controls (over 700).


Voice commands and remote opening

In December 2020 we launch a new product on the market: LINK, the Smarthome Wi-fi Hub that enables remote opening, without distance limits, and voice commands Alexa, Google Home and Siri.


SOLO is chosen as a Maserati accessory

Maserati wants to offer its customers our home access experience, supplying 1Control SOLO in OEM under its own brand as an accessory for the cars in the range.


Smart control of PILOMAT road bollards

Pilomat selects our access control technology to integrate it into all their traffic bollards. The first A2A Milano installation takes place in February 2022.


The 1Control DORY smart lock

After a pre-order at the end of 2021 which ended with a sold out in a few days, in May 2022 we launched the new DORY lock on the market, which allows you to open both with your smartphone and with the traditional key.


1Control technology in the new Telepass

Im Jahr 2022 haben wir mit Telepass eine Vereinbarung zur Lizenzierung unseres geistigen Eigentums abgeschlossen. Dazu gehört die Integration unserer Tor- und Garagentoröffnertechnologie in das neue Flaggschiffprodukt des Unternehmens, in dem über 15 MIL-Geräte installiert sind.


Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

One of our goals for a long time was to be able to open the app directly from the car screen.
In 2023 we finally managed to integrate our app with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!


The 1Control LOCO bluetooth padlock

In November 2023 we launched a new product, a smart padlock that can be controlled by phone and smartwatch. No keys or PINs are needed and from the app it is possible to create remote shares or check the history of openings.


200,000+ 1Control users

We were born in Italy, but opening up to the foreign market was one of the first steps we took.

1Control works on any existing opening system (such as gates, garages and doors) and is compatible throughout Europe.

This has led us to a rapid spread, as well as in Italy, mainly in France and Germany.

Maximum security and Made in Italy technology

We create IoT devices that make every existing opening system smart. Even in the absence of an Internet connection, we guarantee an innovative user experience and top-level security performance.

Our products are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. Furthermore, SOLO and DORY are patented, as their technology is unique in the world.

Our values


We want to revolutionize the way you enter and experience the home and for this reason we constantly invest in the development of new products


The highest security algorithms blend with the UX of our products, to ensure maximum security even in the absence of a connection

Customer care

Customer satisfaction comes first for us and for this reason we manage pre and post-sales assistance internally

Made in Italy

Our products are designed, patented and manufactured in Italy, collaborating only with selected strategic partners

The 1Control team

Marco Streparava


Entrepreneur / business angel / 2 exit. Since 2010 it has invested both in Italy and abroad in early-stage companies and startups

Francesco Sarasini


Inventor of the 1Control SOLO gate opener and the DORY lock. 10+ years of experience in product, hardware and software development

Paolo Rota


Entrepreneur with experience in the B2C & Retail sectors, B2B products & solutions

Matteo Galvagni


MBA, 20 years of strategic and innovative initiatives, in the launch of new products and services, in the Travel, ICT and IoT sectors

Bruno Podavini


20+ years of sales experience

Stefania Dorè


10+ years of sales support

Simone Valenti


10+ years of experience in Android app development

Mauro Olivo


10+ years of experience in iOS app development

Daniele Pagani


10+ years of firmware and iOS development experience

Jakub Kilinski


3+ years of Angular development and support in creating new products

Davide Barbieri


3+ years of technical customer support

Alessia Fachin


10+ years of experience in Web Marketing, Social Media Management & Digital Communication

Fabiana Gaffurini


10+ years of experience in the field of accounting processes and personnel management from the administrative perspective

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Advisory Board

Luca Salgarelli

Graduated in electronic engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, researcher at CEFRIEL / Politecnico di Milano and then at Bell Labs Research. Associate Professor of Telecommunications since 2003, in 2011 he co-founded Tsec and in 2015 he was the protagonist of the birth of Inxpect in which he is currently CEO.

Guido Bertoni

Graduated and PhD from Politecnico di Milano in 1999 and 2004 respectively. He worked in STMicroelectronics from 2003 to 2017, covering the role of Security & Cryptography Principal Engineer. Since 2017, he has been the CEO and co-founder of Security Pattern.

Giuseppe Bellandi - 1Control

Giuseppe Bellandi

Serial entrepreneur, in the last 35 years he has founded several industrial companies and brought them to excellence. The latest is GIMATIC, a world leader in sensors and high-tech automation devices, which was sold to the APIC Capital fund in 2016.

Gianmarco Lanza

A young entrepreneur, in the last 10 years he led FAE Technology, a benefit company operating in embedded electronics, multiplying its revenues x10. In addition to FAE Technology, he has initiated and participates in various initiatives in the digital and tech sectors.

Ivan Fogliata

Financial analyst, Lecturer in Corporate Finance. Chairman of the board of directors of Südtirol Bank - Alto Adige Banca.

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