One remote control
for all your accesses.

Revolutionize the way you open your gates/garages: with 1Control WHY you control up to 4 accesses, even of different brands and frequencies.

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1Control WHY

The WHY universal remote control

Copy all your old remote controls on 1Control WHY and control up to 4 different accesses (e.g. gate, garage, office gate, second home entrance). WHY is the only universal remote control on the market to guarantee such wide compatibility.

Radiocomandi compatibili

Multi-brand and Multifrequency.

It can copy more than 750 rolling code remote controls and fixed coding,
from 433.0 MHz to 868.0 MHz also from different brands.

Registrazione automatica

Automatic registration.

1Control WHY is able to register itself automatically
on hundreds of different control units.

Copy your old remotes with ease

Open the box of the WHY remote control and extract the foldable guide

Follow step by step the procedure dedicated to your remote control

Forget about the old remotes and use WHY to open all gates/garages!

Hundreds of remote controls.

Even Rolling Code. No other device offers such broad compatibility.

See the compatible remote controls  

The solution that suits your needs.

universal automatic 4 channel remote control 1Control WHY

2 x 1Control WHY

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4 automatic universal remote controls 4 channels 1Control WHY

4 x 1Control WHY

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User guide WHY

For the copy of the remote controls, see the user guide:

Download Guide  

Data Sheet

For technical details see the data sheet:

Download Data Sheet  

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