4 x 1Control WHY - white

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The 1Control WHY universal remote controls can copy more than 750 rolling code and fixed coding remotes, from 433.0 MHz to 868.0 MHz, even from different brands.

• Up to 4 accesses, multi-brand and multi-frequency
NEW: More than 750 compatible remote control models, including Hörmann BiSecur

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A single remote control for all your gates and garages

1Control WHY is the universal remote control that allows you to control up to 4 different accesses (eg gate, garage, office gate, second home entrance). With WHY you can forget about all your old remote controls forever.

Radiocomandi compatibili

Multi-brand and

It can copy more than 750 rolling code remote controls and fixed coding, from 433.0 MHz to 868.0 MHz also from different brands.

Registrazione automatica


1Control WHY is able to register itself automatically on hundreds of different control units.

Colore bianco e nero

in two colours

1Control WHY is now available in two colors, white and black.

Copy your old remotes with ease

Open the WHY remote control box and extract the postcard with the QR code

Scan the QR with your phone or visit the page www.1control.eu/why-guide and follow the step-by-step copy procedure dedicated to your remote control

Forget the old remote controls and use WHY to open all gates/garages!

Hundreds of remote controls

Even Rolling Code. No other device offers such broad compatibility.

See the compatible remote controls  

Compatible with Hörmann BiSecur

WHY is now compatible with all Hörmann BiSecur 868Mhz models.

Constant research and development has allowed us to increase the compatibility of our remote control, also integrating these latest generation Rolling Code remote controls.

Some reviews from our customers

  300+ reviews

For those who want to get rid of old remotes and use only one product, this is fantastic. Extremely easy to install, I would say it's almost trivial due to its simplicity. A guide leads you step by step through the installation, and it even works with rolling codes. I've searched for and tried many products, but none have satisfied me like this one [...]

Mark F.

With a single remote that I keep in my car, I can open the home gate, the work gate, my mom's gate, and incredibly, even my mother-in-law's! Very well done!

Humbert T.

I would say it's incredibly useful given its low cost, especially considering that a branded remote costs 30€. Very easy installation, what can I say, if I had another gate I would do the same thing!

Simon S.

I bought 2 1Control WHY remotes. Punctual delivery, comprehensive instructions, quick and simple installation, immediate and exhaustive assistance for copying an old remote. Everything works perfectly: kudos to the entire 1Control team!!

Maurice C.

I purchased 1Control WHY and now I can open both the condominium gate and the garage door with just one remote. It works great, and I also want to highlight the great availability and expertise of the technical support.

Cyrus M.

Excellent product and always prompt and present assistance. I had a problem that they helped me solve in no time.

Stephen P.

The guide for copying the remote is easy and very clear.
I connected 3 gates and the rented garage and got rid of 4 old remotes!

Maureen F.

Excellent product, truly useful. I copied two remotes for the gate and the overhead door. It worked immediately for the gate, for the overhead door it asked me to press a button on the control unit and then it worked. Really very convenient, I use it a lot when I go out biking. Recommended.

Paul N.

Between those at home and those at the office, I'm getting overwhelmed with remotes. Having the option to get rid of them thanks to a single remote is fantastic!

Gabriella N.

It works as described. It works excellently even with rolling codes. Splendid product and very well-crafted packaging.

Lorena S.

Simply fantastic! I still don't understand how I managed to do without it all these years!!! The installation was extremely easy.

Mark M.

Great product, it does what it says. I've opened up two gates for copying an old remote. It worked immediately for the gate, for the overhead door, it asked me to press a button on the control unit and then it worked. Very convenient, I use it a lot when I go out biking. Highly recommended.

Rita F.

Very satisfied. Exactly what I needed. Very convenient and very easy to use, thanks to the assistance as well.

Fergus F.

I've been using this device for 3 years now and I'm fully satisfied with the purchase. The second generation also has a better range, which makes opening/closing even in non-optimal conditions easier. I use it to replace two remotes at 430 and 860 MHz, and the duplication procedure worked on the first try without any issues. Highly recommended.

Fred G.

I was thrilled with the product, easy to use, but most importantly, easy to install. It recognized my two remotes immediately and works really well. I highly recommend the product.

Harry B.

User guide WHY

To copy the remote controls, access the user guide:


Data Sheet

For technical details see the data sheet:

Download Data Sheet  

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