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Revolutionize the way you enter your home: with DORY, you can securely open using your smartphone and smartwatch.

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1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

Open the door with your Smartphone

Find out how easy it is to open the door even without your keys!
No more forgotten or lost keys, no more kids ringing the doorbell at night to be let in, no more handing out keys to your Airbnb guests or not getting them back, no more making copies for all employees, and so much more...

With keys. Or even without.

Add a new way to enter your home, without giving up the old one!

With the smart lock DORY, you can open your door both with your smartphone and the traditional key, maintaining a long battery life and in a completely silent way.

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1Control DORY - electronic smart lock
1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

Discover the unique features of the DORY smart lock

Simple installation, without modifying the door

You don't have to alter or even replace your door. No need to connect cables, not even to power supply. It can be installed by anyone, with ease and without calling a technician. The 1Control App guides you step by step through the installation process.

Remote opening and voice commands

With the LINK Wi-Fi Hub, you open using Alexa, Google Home and Siri. You can grant access to relatives, friends, housekeeper, babysitter, or dog sitter even when you're not at home.

Access your home securely

Keep track of who enters and exits, even while you're at work or traveling. DORY is protected by the world's most advanced encryption algorithms, and the cylinder and mechanical keys are highly secure.

Icona smart watch

Also from your Smart Watch

A simple tap on the Smartwatch (Apple and Android WearOS) is all it takes to open your home's door. You don't even need to have your phone with you; you can open directly from your watch.

Icona no internet

Works even without Internet

The DORY electronic lock doesn't require a SIM card or an Internet/Wi-Fi connection. It simply uses Bluetooth 4, so it works always, even where there's no data connection.

Icona condivisioni

Timed sharing

From the app, you can create "timed" shares to grant access during specific days/time slots. Very convenient for managing access for the babysitter, the housekeeper, the employees, and more.

Icona storico accessi

Check the accesses made

From the app, you can view the history of accesses to keep track of who and when someone has entered through your door.

Icona condivisioni

Traditional key opening

DORY allows you to open your door both with your smartphone and with the included highly secure traditional keys (included in the package).

Icona batterie

Powered by simple batteries

DORY doesn't require any power cables to be connected. It's powered by 2 standard CR2 batteries, which are already included and have an average lifespan of 1 year.

Icona più utenti

Multiple users, a single DORY

Share the device's PIN code with friends and family for unlimited access, or create timed shares with the cleaning lady, babysitter, dog sitter, and more.

Icona distanza di funzionamento

Completely silent

Unlike other electronic locks, DORY is completely silent. It doesn't rely on a mechanically activated key, we've smartened up the classic cylinder mechanism.

Icona Cilindro

Standard European cylinder

DORY is compatible with all doors (including armored doors) that have the standard European cylinder. It comes in various lengths to fit every door type.

Icona apple carplay e android auto

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

The DORY + LINK combo is directly integrated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Infotainment: when you arrive home, a simple tap on your car's smart screen is all it takes to open the door!

Icona smartphone compatibili

Compatible smartphones

Apple iPhone 4S or higher with iOS 8 or higher. Android smartphones with version 5.0 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Discreet and integrated.
It fits perfectly to your door.

The DORY electronic lock doesn't have bulky and unaesthetic opening systems, furthermore, it doesn't contain a hidden key that is mechanically activated: this makes it extremely secure and silent.
The external knob is made of sturdy metal and features a discreet design: only you will know that it's a smart electronic lock.

1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

A unique product of its kind

The smart lock DORY encompasses numerous strengths in one product, making it the most efficient and complete solution.

Other products
with key
Other products
without keys
Traditional key
Doesn't require a friction cylinder
Battery life 1-2 months > 1 year > 1 year
Noise very noisy silent silent
CarPlay / Android Auto integration

Check the compatibility of your door

The DORY smart lock is compatible with all doors (including armored) that mount the standard European cylinder. It has different lengths available to fit any type of door.
Check if it is possible to mount DORY on your door lock, it only takes 1 minute.

Check the compatibility of your door

Is your door very thick?
No problem!

The DORY lock already includes several extensions to adapt to the most common door sizes, but if your door is very thick it may be necessary to install an XXL extension kit on the DORY lock.

Check out the XXL kits

1Control DORY -XXL KIT for very thick doors

More practical. More secure. Easier.

The keys get lost and copied. Forget these problems and discover the practicality and security of giving access to your home or office door through your smartphone thanks to 1Control DORY.

Check if your children have returned home or if someone is passed into the company. Open remotely even when you are not near the door.

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1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

Very simple installation.
Without connecting any cables!

1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

Download the free "1Control" app from the Apple iPhone and Google Android stores

A simple procedure on the app will guide you in installing your DORY lock

Start opening with your Smartphone and Smart Watch (Apple and WearOS), or use the traditional key

All the features for a smart opening

With the DORY smart lock you can also open with a tap on the Smart Watch (Apple and Android WearOS) and with a simple Siri voice command.

1Control DORY - electronic smart lock
1Control DORY - electronic smart lock
1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

Share your accesses

Give your device PIN to friends and family to allow them unlimited access.

Or create a share from the app simply by indicating the phone number of the user you want to enable, even remotely. You can set time constraints (start and end date, days of the week, hours of the day) and revoke it at any time.

1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

Check who comes in and who goes out

Select a date and see who accessed your door.

Keep track of who is authorized to use specific access and every detail of sharing.

1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

Do everything from the App

Thanks to the SOLO gate opener and the DORY electronic lock, you can comfortably manage all your entrances (gates, garages, doors) from the 1Control app and open with a click.

In addition, with the LINK Wi-FI SmartHome Hub you can enable remote openings and with voice commands!

Revolutionize opening with the LINK accessory

Make your openings even smarter with the DORY + LINK bundle: thanks to the Wi-Fi connection of LINK, you can enable remote opening with voice commands.

Find out more

1Control LINK

Open the door remotely or with a voice command

With DORY + LINK from the office you can conveniently open to your children who have forgotten the keys. Or you can ask Alexa, Google Home and Siri to open / close the door for you.

1Control DORY - electronic smart lock
1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

Choose the product that best suits your needs

DORY MINI smart home electronic lock


Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  • Includes 3 users and 3 traditional keys
  • Purchase additional users from the app
  • Sharing, revocation and access history
  • Battery powered (included)
  • Siri voice commands
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DORY MINI and LINK smart home electronic lock remote opening and voice commands


Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  • 1 DORY MINI smart lock (3 users - 3 keys)
  • 1 Hub Smarthome Wi-Fi LINK
  • All the smart features of DORY MINI
  •  Remote opening
  •  Alexa, Google Home and Siri voice commands
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DORY smart home electronic lock


Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  • Includes 10 users and 5 traditional keys
  • Purchase additional users from the app
  • Sharing, revocation and access history
  • Battery powered (included)
  • Siri voice commands
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What do those who have already tried our products say

Perfect lock. It does what it was created for. Assembly in just 15 minutes, I recommend it! Super assistance available

Pasquale  -  logo facebook

Excellent product and assistance always ready to help and present. I had a problem that they helped me solve in no time.

Stephen P.  -  logo googleplay

Yesterday I got DORY, I installed it quickly and it works PERFECTLY!
Thanks for your courtesy and professionalism, keep it up !!!

Stephen  -  logo facebook

Works as per description. It works great with Apple Watch too. Gorgeous product and very well cared for packaging.

loryyyyyyy  -  logo appstore

I gave it to my husband who loves these contraptions and it's fabulous. Very useful and for what he was paid he looks like him even when compared to more expensive products.

Fabi  -  logo amazon

Simply fantastic! I still don't understand how I managed to do without it all these years !!! Easy installation

Mark M.  -  logo googleplay

Very satisfied. What I needed. Very comfortable and very easy to use and to assemble, thanks also to the assistance.

Matthew F.  -  logo googleplay
1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

Maximum electronic and mechanical security

Even those without a smartphone can use the smart lock DORY simply by using the usual mechanical key.

DORY is equipped with a security key with double row of mechanical pins that guarantee a very high number of possible combinations. DORY's key can only be copied by using a secret code written on a card.

With the mechanical key you can enter the house even in case of completely discharged batteries. Maximum electronic and mechanical security.

An all-Italian partnership

DORY was born from the encounter between 1Control technology and OMEC's mechanical experience.

We have been looking for a highly specialized Italian partner in the world of locks. We wanted to offer our customers the guarantee of a product that is not only technological, but also extremely performing and safe.

OMEC is a family business, founded over 65 years ago, which manufactures locks with extreme attention to quality and details. For these reasons we have chosen it as a partner for our new DORY lock.

omec serrature - partner 1Control

DORY adapts to different situations

home icon

Private houses

With the DORY smart lock you can comfortably manage the door of the house, combining a "smart" opening to the opening with a traditional key. You can also grant temporary access with babysitter, gardener, dog sitter even when you are not at home.

business icon

Companies and offices

DORY allows you to eliminate all office / company keys. Just a simple sharing on the employee's smartphone, which you can revoke at any time or make it valid only for certain time slots. You can also keep an eye on the access history and avoid unauthorized copies of keys.

condominium icon

Condos and hotels

With DORY you can manage all the accesses of condominiums or customers in a smart way. It will no longer be necessary to make copies of new keys and you can grant access on certain days / time slots, setting an expiration at the end of the stay. The access control also allows you to check if the suppliers have arrived and if the cleaning company has already left the building. Everything under control both from the phone and from the WebAdmin on your computer, wherever you are and even if you manage different offices / condominiums.

And who doesn't have a smartphone?

You can continue to use the traditional keys included in the package.
DORY does not exclude opening with a traditional key, which takes place
in parallel with the "smart" opening with a telephone and smart watch.

1Control DORY - electronic smart lock

All the entrances to your home in one app for smartphone

A unique user experience to access your home with your Smartphone or Smart Watch (Apple & Android WearOS): with the gate opener SOLO you open the gate and garage, with the smart lock DORY you open the door and with the Wi-Fi SmartHome Hub LINK you can manage all openings even remotely and with voice commands.
You can also continue to use traditional keys and remote controls.

app 1control ios android

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone
1Control - open gate and door with smartphone


Here are the guides of the DORY lock:

Download the Welcome Card  
See assembly instructions  

Technical Data Sheet

For technical details see the technical data sheet:

Download DORY Data Sheet  

FAQ: frequently asked questions

No, DORY can be installed by anyone without the need to call a technician. The device does not need a particular installation as it is battery powered and has no cable to connect. Just buy DORY, install the free app and follow a short wizard to mount the lock.
Then you can easily open from your smartphone or with the traditional keys that you will find in the package!

The 1Control app allows you to control all your SOLO and DORY devices. From the main opening screen you can scroll through your different accesses and decide which one to open.

DORY is compatible with the standard European cylinder. Different lengths are available to fit each door.

DORY is not compatible with double-bitted key locks. This type of lock is now considered old and unsafe (even if it is sometimes installed on armored doors), because it can be easily manipulated by thieves. If you have this type of key, the solution that is usually recommended is to change the lock with a European cylinder.

Typically a smartphone can simultaneously manage, depending on the model, from 3 to 6 Bluetooth devices. So there are no problems using DORY when connected to the bluetooth headset or other bluetooth devices.

No, DORY uses Bluetooth LE 4.0 technology and therefore an internet data connection is not required. Bluetooth 4 consumes little battery unlike the wi-fi connection and this allows us to have a completely wireless device that can be used by anyone without the intervention of an installer.

The "1Control" app is completely free and downloadable from the Apple iPhone and Google Android stores. There are no additional costs after purchasing the DORY lock.

DORY is protected by an 8-digit PIN set by the device administrator on first installation. Only those who have the PIN code or those who receive a share from the device owner can open the door.
In addition, the communication between smartphone and DORY is protected by the latest security algorithms, while the cylinder and mechanical keys are highly secure.

DORY does not want to replace the keys in fact, unlike many electronic locks, you can continue to use the traditional key in parallel with opening from a smartphone.
The sharing and revocation of access, with possible limitations on certain days of the week / time slots, makes use smarter and very different from the traditional key. Furthermore, with the LINK accessory you can also manage the opening remotely or with a simple voice command!

DORY allows direct opening via Android Watch (WearOS) and Apple Watch.
This means that you can open the door even without having the phone with you, a very convenient feature if you go out for a run / walk / bike ride without keys or remote controls.

If you are not completely satisfied with a purchased product, you can return it within 30 days from the date of delivery of the goods for a full refund.
You can start the return procedure by contacting customer support via email at
The shipping costs for returning the product are charged to the customer. The seller will refund the full amount of the product once the return is received.

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