DORY: the new smart lock unique in the world

A new 1Control product, to manage all the doors of the home and office comfortably from your Smartphone.

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1Control DORY

Open the door with your Smartphone

DORY is the only smart lock in the world that allows you to open your door both with your smartphone and with the traditional key, maintaining a long battery life and in a completely silent way.

Installation in 3 simple steps

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1. Download the free "1Control" app from the Apple iPhone and Google Android stores.

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2. A simple wizard will guide you through the installation of your DORY lock.

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3. Start opening from your smartphone, or use the traditional key.

Simple. Useful. Safe.

Open your door from your Smartphone in maximum security. Check if your children are home and share access with whoever you want even when you are not at home.

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Share your accesses

Give your device PIN to friends and family to allow them unlimited access.

Or create a share from the app simply by indicating the phone number of the user you want to enable, even remotely. You can set time constraints (start and end date, days of the week, hours of the day) and revoke it at any time.

Check who comes in and who goes out

Select a date and see who accessed your door.

Keep track of who is authorized to use specific access and every detail of sharing.

Do everything from the App

Thanks to the SOLO gate opener and the DORY electronic lock, you can comfortably manage all your entrances (gates, garages, doors) from the 1Control app and open with a click.

In addition, with the LINK accessory you can enable remote openings and with voice commands!

Security first of all

DORY is protected by the most advanced encryption algorithms in the world. The cylinder and mechanical keys are high security.

No internet connection required

Not even Wi-Fi. It simply uses Bluetooth 4 and it also works with underground doors without a data connection.

Completely silent

Unlike other electronic locks, DORY is completely silent.

Anyone can use DORY

Family members, colleagues, customers, guests. Even those who do not have a smartphone, as it always allows normal opening with a traditional key.

Opening with traditional key

DORY allows you to open your door both with your smartphone and with the traditional high-security keys (included in the package).

Battery powered

DORY has no cable to connect to the power supply. It is powered by 2 normal CR2 batteries already included which have an average life of 1 year.

Standard European cylinder

DORY is compatible with all doors that mount the standard European cylinder. Different lengths are available to fit each door.

Compatible smartphones

Apple iPhone 4S or above with iOS 8 or above. Android smartphone with 4.3 or higher system and Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Revolutionize opening with the LINK accessory

Make your openings even smarter with the DORY + LINK bundle: thanks to the Wi-Fi connection of LINK, you can enable remote opening with voice commands.

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1Control LINK

Open the door remotely or with a voice command

With DORY + LINK from the office you can conveniently open to your children who have forgotten the keys. Or you can ask Alexa, Google Home and Siri to open / close the door for you.

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Frequently asked questions

No, DORY can be installed by anyone without the need to call a technician. The device does not need a particular installation as it is battery powered and has no cable to connect. Just buy DORY, install the free app and follow a short wizard to mount the lock.
Then you can easily open from your smartphone or with the traditional keys that you will find in the package!

The 1Control app allows you to control all your SOLO and DORY devices. From the main opening screen you can scroll through your different accesses and decide which one to open.

DORY is compatible with the standard European cylinder. Different lengths are available to fit each door.

Typically a smartphone can simultaneously manage, depending on the model, from 3 to 6 Bluetooth devices. So there are no problems using DORY when connected to the bluetooth headset or other bluetooth devices.

No, DORY uses Bluetooth LE 4.0 technology and therefore an internet data connection is not required. Bluetooth 4 consumes little battery unlike the wi-fi connection and this allows us to have a completely wireless device that can be used by anyone without the intervention of an installer.

The "1Control" app is completely free and downloadable from the Apple iPhone and Google Android stores. There are no additional costs after purchasing the DORY lock.

DORY is protected by an 8-digit PIN set by the device administrator on first installation. Only those who have the PIN code or those who receive a share from the device owner can open the door.
In addition, the communication between smartphone and DORY is protected by the latest security algorithms, while the cylinder and mechanical keys are highly secure.

DORY does not want to replace the keys in fact, unlike many electronic locks, you can continue to use the traditional key in parallel with opening from a smartphone.
The sharing and revocation of access, with possible limitations on certain days of the week / time slots, makes use smarter and very different from the traditional key. Furthermore, with the LINK accessory you can also manage the opening remotely or with a simple voice command!

All the entrances to your home in one app

A unique user experience to access your home with your Smartphone or Apple Watch: with SOLO you open the gate and garage, with DORY you open the door.
You can also continue to use traditional keys and remote controls.

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The product will be released at the end of the year.
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