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Voice command & CarPlay / Android Auto guides

Siri (iOS 17)
Siri - Remote opening (iOS 17) *
Alexa *
Google Home *
Apple CarPlay *
Android Auto *

*LINK accessory must be installed

Compatible remote controls

If you cannot copy your remote control check whether or not it is compatible:

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Copy instructions for remote controls

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Fixed Code remote control copy

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Read the questions and the most common problems and quickly find the answer you need:

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Useful tips

The most common problems are the incompatibility of the remote control and the presence of locks on the gate or garage door receiver. We therefore recommend that you make sure your remote control is on the compatibility list and read your receiver's manual to understand how to disable any locks.

•  Make sure there are no walls between you and your 1Control SOLO.
•  Position your SOLO at least 1 meter from the ground.
•  Consider the most critical situations, such as arrival by car from the road.
•  The package contains supports to fasten it to a wall or pole.