1Control brings its own technology to the Pilomat retractable bollards

A partnership with the leading company in the sector of retractable bollards for traffic/access control and the start-up active in the smart home world, for managing access points remotely and in total safety.

1Control technology for the management of Pilotat bollards

1Control, a young company active in the smart home and remote control of openings sector, born with the creation of SOLO, an innovative solution capable of transforming a normal smartphone into a universal remote control for gates, was identified and chosen for a co- engineering by Pilotat, world leader in the production of automations for access control with bollards technologies.

An agreement worthy of note, the one signed by 1Control and Pilomat, as it unites two very different realities: a young company with cutting-edge technologies joins a historic and consolidated company in its segment, always attentive to innovation of its product range in order to offer its customers greater control and safety.

“We were looking for a flexible partner, at the forefront of technology and able to put into practice the needs of our customers in remote management, with different types of access control, of a built-up area or a large city as it may be Milan.” declares Renzo Stancanelli, CEO of Pilomat. “Added to this today is the need for access control security. The technologies used up to now had become obsolete and the criticality of our customers had become the management of access control by mixing old technology with modern IT means. The cutting-edge technology that 1Control has integrated into our systems has allowed us to guarantee the security of the gates, combined with rapid, complete and also up-to-date remote management.”

A strategic partnership to innovate the retractable bollard sector

Pilomat, a company that has been part of the German group Hörmann for five years, which is among the first world players in the openings sector, represents a reality of absolute excellence in the production of automatisms for access control with concealed technologies.

The first commitment of the company is that of the continuous development and expansion of the product range, with constant investments in research and technological innovation.

The agreement between 1Control and Pilomat was born from a common vision of innovation and from the same interpretation of the principle of excellence.

“Since its inception, 1Control has believed in the importance of innovating those small gestures that we have always done every day, such as pressing a remote control or turning a key. 1Control products allow people to enter the house in a simple and smart way without changing their habits, while providing new and innovative functions.” declares Francesco Sarasini, CTO and CEO of 1Control. “In Pilomat we have found the right partner to innovate a sector in which these small gestures have been repeated as such for too long. P-Connect is the solution born from the synergy of our companies, capable of uniting the world of retractable bollards, made of iron and brute force, with the world of smart openings, made of software and lightness.”

The new smart P-Connect solution

P-Connect is the access control system that allows you to manage Pilomat systems completely remotely, quickly and simply.

The platform is intuitive and versatile: the portal is accessible via the web from any operating system and does not require software installation. It is designed to manage any Pilotat automatic product equipped with the new P-Connect hardware and is compatible with existing systems.

The system manages an unlimited number of gates (even in different cities) and users, which can be divided into access levels according to the authorizations (main manager, maintenance team, end user).

Accesses and authorizations can also be programmed according to the calendar (holidays, time slots, customized days).

The solution is designed for:

  • Public administration – Real-time monitoring of access to limited traffic areas, divided by citizens and external users
  • Companies and offices – Perimeter control and subdivision of users by access levels
  • Transport and logistics – Efficient management of vehicles through license plate recognition
  • Health – Management of access to areas reserved for staff and suppliers (first aid, warehouse, …)
  • Tourism – Different access levels for staff members and customers, only for the period of stay
  • And other…

In addition to the various “traditional” control devices, the end user can also use the Smartphone application to access the passage. If the phone signal is weak or absent, the opening is always guaranteed by Bluetooth.

From a security perspective, the P-Connect platform allows remote verification of both the status of the system (raised or lowered) and the complete history of accesses made. Furthermore, it can command the raising and lowering of the bollard with a simple click and enable/disable remote controls, telephone numbers and other control devices of registered users at any time.

P-Connect combines the sturdiness of Pilomat bollards and cutting-edge 1Control technology, for gate control that is both innovative, manageable even remotely and extremely secure.

The agreement has all the prerequisites for producing important numbers, reaching users, both public and private, from all over the world through the capillary presence of the Pilomat commercial network.

The partnership materialized between August and September 2022, with the first installations of the new P-Connect mobile bollards in the center of Milan for A2A.

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