Home automation and smart home in the exterior of the house: from lighting to entrance control


Home automation and smart home outside the house: entrance control with 1Control

How to make the exterior of the house smart?

Lighting, irrigation and access control systems to your home: there are several aspects on which to intervene when finishing the exterior of a home.

Thanks to the new technologies of home automation and smart home it is possible to create a comfortable, practical, safe and controllable environment from your smartphone.

Access to the garden and courtyard, for example, can be controlled thanks to special systems capable of making the gate of the house “smart” (see the SOLO product by 1Control). Just as it is possible to make the entrance door of your home “smart” by managing it with a simple app (see the DORY product by 1Control).

1Control DORY smart home automation lock

Home automation and smart home, applied to the garden, can also allow easier control of the daily and evening lighting system as well as the irrigation system depending on the weather, the needs of the vegetation and the external temperature. Everything is always customizable and monitored via the app.

Home automation and smart home: advantages in the management of exteriors

The management of your home remotely opens the doors to numerous scenarios: home automation and smart home allow you to control every environment while traveling, on vacation or simply away from home for work or to run errands.

The irrigation of the garden can be managed from day to day according to the weather or specific needs, the gate of your courtyard can be opened to allow the gardener to access it without necessarily being present and, again via the app, it is possible to check the opening or closing of roller shutters, blinds or sun blinds. Even the cleaning and maintenance system of your swimming pool can be monitored and managed away from home so that you can find perfect water, and with the right level of chlorine and pH, when you return from your commitments.

Home automation and smart home: advantages in outdoor management with 1Control

The key word is simplicity: fewer thoughts and more freedom to relax and focus on one’s passions. An optimized and simplified management of all resources will also allow greater savings by reducing waste.

SOLO and DORY: two SMART solutions

If you are looking for a simple and intuitive solution to make the gate and front door of your home “smart”, 1Control can help you:

1Control SOLO smart gate opener for managing access from the Smartphone

SOLO is the only gate opener that allows access management directly from the smartphone and without the need to connect any cables. SOLO is in fact able to replicate the remote control signal by acting as a bridge between the smartphone and the gate motor. The signal transmission, between SOLO and the smartphone, can take place by proximity via bluetooth or via the Internet thanks to LINK, another 1Control home product, capable of connecting to home WiFi. This innovation in the home automation and smart home market is compatible with over 750 remote controls.

1Control DORY electronic lock to manage the opening of doors from the Smartphone

DORY is the solution for home automation and smart home designed to be able to manage the opening and closing of home and office doors, directly from the smartphone. It is the only smart lock in the world capable of working with both keys and mobile phones and offering a battery life of 1 year. The entrances can therefore be managed in a simple, practical, silent and safe way, even remotely.

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