Smart home or home automation? A journey between differences and advantages

Just as the Internet has transformed our lives, home automation and the smart home are revolutionizing the organizational structure of our contexts. Thanks to the innovative technologies of home automation and smart home, in fact, all the environments that characterize our daily life – houses, offices, condominiums, factories – can be managed in an automated way: from remote access control, to energy saving, to security.

Through devices connected to the Internet we can improve the organization of our days. How? Let’s find out together.


Home automation with 1Control products

Smart Home: what it is, how it works and what are its advantages

Security, comfort and energy saving are certainly among the main benefits of the smart home. But what is meant by smart home? The smart home is a system that allows you to connect objects, devices and systems together, allowing them to be managed directly from an app installed on a smartphone, tablet or smart watch.

The smart home involves the use of intelligent objects (light bulbs, sound system devices, TVs, appliances) that can be started, adjusted and turned off via a device connected to the Internet. But also the opening of the house gate or the entrance door – for example – can be made smart in a very simple way (see 1Control SOLO and DORY devices).

Make your home smart with 1Control products

How to make your home smart?

The smart home is mainly designed to simplify home life by intervening on some targeted aspects of one’s daily life, obtaining, when possible, also important economic savings.

It is therefore the ideal solution for partial renovations or to make only some details of the house smart. In fact, to transform one or more rooms of your home into smart it will be sufficient to replace traditional devices with connectable ones.

Home automation: how it differs from the smart home

Home automation is the science that studies and develops all the technologies designed to improve well-being and quality of life in different contexts.

Within an environment (a laboratory, a house, an office), home automation is the set of systems that allow for maximum integration and customization between technologies, services and functions.

Home automation and home control with 1Control

The main advantages of home automation are:

  • The ability to control every aspect via smartphone and voice;
  • The integration of all the functions of the house;
  • The complete customization of each system and function.

How to make home automation?

Thanks to a digital wired system, home automation integrates numerous solutions for complete personalization controlled by smartphone and voice. Home automation, therefore, is the ideal solution for those who are building or completely renovating their home, as it involves numerous works that allow all the devices in the home to be concretely connected to a single control unit, specially built to ensure maximum connection.

How to choose between home automation or smart home?

Both the smart home and the domotic home are solutions that allow for an improvement in the quality of our life, facilitating the management and optimization of schedules, appliances and energy use.

Make your home smart with 1Control products

To choose between a domotic home and a smart home, it is essential to consider your needs, your budget and the level of customization you want to achieve.

It is also good to keep in mind that the numerous works carried out to make the house domotic or smart home will then be repaid thanks to the effective saving of all consumption which, thanks to intelligent solutions, will be optimized over time.

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