SOLO: from today it is possible to open the house gate in SMART mode

The smart home is an innovation that allows you to live your life with greater serenity and security. Having the ability to manage the entrances to your home, directly from your smartphone, allows you to organize your daily routine in a more flexible way, optimizing times and resources.

To meet all these needs, 1Control has developed SOLO, the perfect technology for both a domotic home and a smart home.


Open gate and garage in a smart way with the 1Control SOLO smartphone gate opener

SOLO: how does 1Control innovation work?

With a patented technology that distinguishes it from all other competitors on the market, SOLO is the only product in the world that meets the needs of the home automation and smart home market, in the management of home gates, without the need for connect any cables.

SOLO: the patented 1Control innovation to manage gates and garages on your smartphone

SOLO arises from the need to open gates, doors and garages without having to use the remote control and simply using your smartphone or smartwatch. Thanks to the use of Bluetooth 4.0, SOLO does not need to be connected to the power supply and works with two simple batteries. Furthermore, SOLO is able to replicate the signal of over 750 different remote controls, becoming the perfect ally for controlling the entrances and exits of your home directly from your smartphone.

The installation of SOLO is extremely quick and guided in every step from the app: it is sufficient to register, insert the appropriate safety pin and register the reference remote control (most remote controls are automatically recognized after a click on the main button! ). SOLO technology performs its functions in a very simple way and its configuration does not require the intervention of any technician.

1Control SOLO to make the opening of gates intelligent with access sharing

SOLO is a revolution for smart gates as it allows you to share access with anyone you want. From the app it will be sufficient to enter the telephone number of the user to be enabled to grant access. At any time, even remotely, a friend or family member can be enabled to manage the gate of the house permanently or temporarily.

From the app it will then be possible to monitor the entrances to the property by verifying who and when logged in.

When SOLO meets LINK

SOLO allows you to control the opening of gates, overhead doors and garages from your smartphone when you are in the vicinity thanks to the use of Bluetooth 4.0. This functionality can be expanded by combining another 1Control product: LINK.

By connecting LINK to the SOLO gate opener, it will be possible to open the gate remotely as well as by proximity. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, LINK will act as a bridge between the SOLO device and the smartphone, for safe management of inputs even from a distance.

Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, LINK allows you to take control of your home with a single voice command, even while you are hundreds of kilometers from home.

1Control LINK - Gate and door opening remotely and with voice commands

Thanks to home automation and the smart home, managing the home, space and time is no longer a nightmare but an opportunity that can improve one’s routine. SOLO and LINK allow, for example, to open the gate to the courier while you are in the office or to let the gardener in even when you are shopping.

A useful ally also for those who manage the activities: we think for example of companies, which need to manage the accesses of employees or hauliers for loading / unloading, or to the bed and breakfast sector or to those who make accommodation available through Airbnb . Through the simple sharing system (with SOLO) it will be possible to grant access to customers, employees and guests quickly and intelligently.

Open the house gate in SMART mode with 1Control SOLO
  1. Thanks for your blog.It’s valuable that you mention that automatic gates can help make your property more secure. I care a lot about keeping my family safe, so I’m considering having automatic gates installed at the end of my driveway.

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