Home automation for offices and companies: the potential in 2022

Thanks to technological evolution, all buildings can become intelligent. Not only houses, apartments and condominiums, but also companies, coworking spaces, clubs and shops.

The economic advantage deriving from the implementation of home automation systems in a business environment is just one of the benefits that we can list. Home automation, in fact, guarantees greater security and better control of access to environments, thus guaranteeing greater peace of mind at work.

Furthermore, the “intelligent” management of the lighting and heating systems allows savings on consumption and makes the working environment healthier, more comfortable and hospitable.


Home automation in the company: what are the advantages?

Safety, comfort and energy savings are certainly among the main benefits of the smart home. The implementation of home automation systems in companiescoworking spaces, clubs and shops allows you to transform any action that can create anxiety or forgetfulness into a simple routine that can be managed and adjusted directly from your smartphone.

Heating and air conditioning

Home automation systems allow you to adjust the temperature directly from an app installed on your smartphone so that the rooms are pleasant and ready to welcome employees, guests and customers. Climate management in the company can also be improved by synchronized control of openings such as windows and shutters. This last point also becomes fundamental from the point of view of safety: in case of oversights or malfunctions it is possible to intervene promptly.

Lighting systems

One of the main causes of waste in the company concerns incorrect lighting management which often leads to consuming excess electricity to light up unused rooms. Thanks to home automation, it is possible to manage the lighting system with a simple app, monitoring the status of the various rooms and programming the automatic switching on or off of the lights based on the normal work routine.

Security and access control

Security is an essential aspect in managing corporate environments. We have already told you about the possibility, thanks to home automation, of monitoring and managing the opening of windows and shutters in an automatic and programmed way. Now we would like to emphasize the ability of home automation systems to control entrances. Through a simple app it is in fact possible to block or unblock an access and enable an employee or collaborator to enter the premises. From the smartphone it is also possible to monitor the video surveillance systems to check the status of the rooms in real time or enable or disable the alarm as needed.

SOLO and DORY: two solutions to make the company “smart”.

The process to make your company “smart” can appear long and complex. With systems to be adapted and consequently large investments to be budgeted. However, there are solutions that allow, at extremely low costs, to lay the foundations for making environments “smart” by working on some essential aspects.

1Control’s SOLO and DORY solutions, for example, perfectly meet corporate security requirements, allowing perfect control of company entrances and improving certain internal processes. All without the need to intervene on existing systems.

Apricancello smart 1Control SOLO per la gestione degli accessi dallo Smartphone

SOLO it is the only gate opener that allows you to manage access to the company directly from your smartphone and without the need to connect any cables. SOLO is in fact able to replicate the remote control signal by acting as a bridge between the smartphone and the gate motor. The signal transmission, between SOLO and the smartphone, can take place by proximity via bluetooth or via the Internet thanks to LINK, another 1Control product, capable of connecting to the home WiFi. This innovation on the domotics and smart home market is compatible with over 750 remote controls.

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Serratura elettronica 1Control DORY per gestire l'apertura delle porte dallo Smartphone

DORY is the home automation solution designed to be able to manage the opening and closing of doors to offices, clinics and shops directly from the smartphone. It is the only smart lock in the world capable of working with both the keys and the mobile phone, offering a battery life of 1 year. The entrances can therefore be managed in a simple, practical, silent and safe way, even remotely.

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