Open gate and garage
with your smartphone

Forget all your remote controls and revolutionize
the way you enter your home.

Discover the gate opener SOLO

Open the door
with your smartphone

A new 1Control product to manage all
accesses comfortably from your Smartphone.

Discover the smart lock DORY

Open remotely or with
a voice command

Make your openings even smarter: open wherever you are
or ask Alexa, Google Home and Siri to do it for you!

Discover the accessory LINK

Welcome Home

A range of products to make home access smart.


The smartphone gate opener

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The smart electronic lock

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Remote opening and voice commands

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The 4-channel universal remote control

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All the entrances to your home in one app

A unique user experience to access your home with your Smartphone or Apple Watch: with SOLO you open the gate and garage, with DORY you open the door.
You can also continue to use traditional keys and remote controls.

app 1control ios android

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Opened gates. With SOLO.

How do you open it?