The first and only wireless smartphone gate opener

  1.377 Reviews

Revolutionize the way to enter the house: with SOLO open with your smartphone, in complete safety.

Find the right model for you

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

Open the gate and the garage with your smartphone

SOLO is the only gate opener in the world that allows you to open with your Smartphone without having to connect any cables. You can also keep an eye on who enters and who leaves, even while you are at work or traveling.

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

Discover a new remote control.
Your smartphone.

A single device controls up to 4 gates and can be used
by different users, without the need for a remote control.

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone
1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone
1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

Incredibly simple.

Install the free App "1Control".
Copy your remote control with the App.
Place your SOLO near the gate/garage.
Watch the video

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

Intelligence meets

SOLO is the only one in the world without wires to connect.
You don't need a technician, it can be installed by everyone.

More than 750 compatible remote controls.

Even Rolling Code. No other device offers such broad compatibility.

See the compatible remote controls  

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

Not just in the car.
Comfortable in every occasion.

In your car. On your motorbike. On your bike. On foot.
Simply use your smartphone.

Here's why over 200,000 people chose SOLO

No cables to connect

You do not have to modify your gate/garage. It is not necessary to connect cables to the gate, nor to the power supply. It can be installed by anyone, simply and without calling in a technician.

Open remotely and with voice commands

With the LINK Wi-Fi Hub, open with Alexa, Google Home and Siri and you can give access to relatives, friends, the gardener or dog sitter even when you are not at home.

Access the house safely

Keep an eye on who's coming in and out, even when you're at work or traveling. Bluetooth communication via smartphone is encrypted with the most modern security algorithms.

Icona smart watch

Even from the smart watch

Just a tap on the Smartwatch (Apple and Android WearOS) to open the gate and the garage. You don't even need to have your phone with you, you can open directly from the watch.

Icona apple carplay e android auto

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

The SOLO + LINK combo is directly integrated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay infotainment: just one click on your car's smart screen!

Icona no internet

It works even without internet

The SOLO Gate Opener does not use a SIM or Internet/Wi-Fi connection. It just uses Bluetooth 4, so it even works in underground garages without a data connection.

Icona condivisioni

Timed sharing

From the application, you can create "timed" shares, to grant access on certain days/time slots, very practical for managing the accesses of babysitters, gardeners, employees,...

Icona storico accessi

Check the accesses made

From the application you can view the access history, to keep under control who and when has accessed. to a door/garage.

Icona cancello

Manage 4 gates or garages

SOLO can manage up to 4 gates or garages. 4 different remote controls or 4 buttons of the same remote control.

Icona più utenti

Multiple users, one SOLO

Share your device's PIN with friends and family for unlimited access, or create timed shares with the courier, gardener, babysitter,...

Icona telecomandi

More than 750 compatible remote controls

SOLO is compatible with over 750 remote control models, fixed and rolling code. No other device has such wide compatibility.

Icona distanza di funzionamento

Operating distance

From 15 to 20 meters. You can place SOLO near the gate and the garage, or keep it in the dashboard glove box and control multiple gates even in very remote locations (e.g. home, office, second home...).

Icona batterie

Powered by simple batteries

2 x 1.5V LR14 batteries (average duration 2 years with 10 openings per day), or 12/24V input (for the SOLO EVO model).

Icona Agenti atmosferici

It fears no weather

SOLO is not afraid of rain, snow and sun exposure. Operating temperature from -20°C to; +50°C. Certified IP66.

Icona smartphone compatibili

Compatible smartphones

Apple iPhone 4S or above with iOS 8 or above. Android smartphone with system 4.3 or higher and Bluetooth 4LE.

All the features for a smart opening

With the SOLO gate opener, you can also open with a tap on the Smart Watch (Apple and Android WearOS) and with a simple Siri voice command

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone
1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone
1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

Do everything from the App

Thanks to the SOLO gate opener and the DORY electronic lock, you can comfortably manage all your entrances (gates, garages, doors) from the 1Control app and open with a click.

In addition, with the LINK Wi-FI SmartHome Hub you can enable remote openings and with voice commands!

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

Share your accesses

Give your device PIN to friends and family to allow them unlimited access.

Or create a share from the app simply by indicating the phone number of the user you want to enable, even remotely. You can set time constraints (start and end date, days of the week, hours of the day) and revoke it at any time.

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

Check who comes in and who goes out

Select a date and see who accessed your gate/garage.

Monitor who is authorized to use specific access and every detail of sharing.

Revolutionize opening with the LINK accessory

Add the new LINK accessory to your 2nd generation SOLO gate opener: thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you enable remote opening and with Alexa, Google Home and Siri voice commands.

Discover more

1Control SOLO

With LINK you can open remotely
and with voice commands.

From the office you can conveniently open the gate to the courier, or ask
Alexa, Google Home or Siri to do it for you.

Choose the most suitable
product for your needs.

SOLO MINI gate opener from smartphone


Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  • Manage 1 gate/garage and 2 users
  • Purchase additional users/channels from the app
  • Share, revoke and control accesses
  • No wires to be connected
  • Siri voice commands and direct opening from Smart Watch
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SOLO gate opener from smartphone


Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  • Manage 4 gates/garages and 10 users
  • Purchase additional users from the app
  • Share, revoke and control accesses
  • No wires to be connected
  • Siri voice commands and direct opening from Smart Watch
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SOLO BS gateopener from smartphone


Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  •   The only model also compatible with Hörmann BiSecur 868 Mhz remote controls
  • Manage 4 gates/garages and 10 users
  • Purchase additional users from the app
  • Share, revoke and control accesses
  • No wires to be connected
  • Siri voice commands and direct opening from Smart Watch
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SOLO EVO gateopener from smartphone


Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  • Manage 4 gates/garages and 50 users
  • Purchase additional users from the app
  • Share, revoke and control accesses
  • Battery powered or 12-24V AC/DC
  • Siri voice commands and direct opening from Smart Watch
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SOLO and LINK gateopener from smartphone for remote opening and voice commands


Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  • 1 SOLO gate opener (4 gates - 10 users)
  • 1 LINK Wi-Fi accessory
  • All the smart features of SOLO
  •  Enables remote opening
  •  Enables Alexa and Google Home voice commands
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SOLO EVO and LINK gateopener from smartphone for remote opening and voice commands


Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  • 1 SOLO EVO gate opener (4 gates - 50 users)
  • 1 LINK Wi-Fi accessory
  • All the smart features of SOLO EVO
  •  Enables remote opening
  •  Enables Alexa and Google Home voice commands
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SOLO adapts to different situations

home icon

Private houses

With the SOLO gate opener you can comfortably manage the gate and garage of your home, forgetting the remote controls of the whole family. You can also grant temporary access with babysitter, gardener, dog sitter even when you are not at home.

business icon

Companies and offices

SOLO allows you to eliminate all office / company remote controls. Just a simple sharing on the employee's smartphone, which you can revoke at any time or make it valid only for certain time slots. You can also keep an eye on the access history and avoid unauthorized copies of the remote controls.

condominium icon

Condos and hotels

With SOLO you can manage all the accesses of condominiums or customers in a smart way. It will no longer be necessary to make copies of new remote controls and you can grant access on certain days / time slots, setting an expiration at the end of the stay. The access control also allows you to check if the suppliers have arrived and if the cleaning company has already left the building. Everything under control both from the phone and from the WebAdmin on your computer, wherever you are and even if you manage different offices / condominiums.

Simple. Useful. Safe

Make your openings even smarter with the SOLO + LINK bundle: open wherever you are use a voice command or Android Auto / Apple CarPlay.

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

What do those who have already tried our products say

  1.377 reviews

For those who want to eliminate remote controls and use their smartphone to open gates and more, this product is terrific. Very easy to install, I would say that it borders on banality, it is so simple. A guide follows you step by step in the installation and does not require electrical interventions. I have searched and tried many, many products but no one has satisfied me like this [...]

Spoc_spoc  -  logo appstore

With a single device that I keep in the dashboard of the car I got to be able to open the gate of the house, the gate of the work, the gate of the mother and, unbelievably, of the mother-in-law! Very well done!

Humbert T.  -  logo googleplay

I would say very useful with a negligible cost, if you consider that a remote control costs 30 €, very easy installation, what about if I had another gate I would do the same thing!

Sssimonesss  -  logo appstore

Very convenient application when maybe you can't carry the radio controls (bike) with you. Impeccable assistance in solving problems. Thank you

Mauro C.  -  logo googleplay

I bought 2 Solo, 1 Solo Kit (for an old control unit for overhead doors) and 2 Why remote controls. Punctual delivery, complete instructions, quick and easy installation, immediate and comprehensive assistance for connecting the Solo Kit. Everything works perfectly: congratulations to all the 1Control staff !!

Jack C.  -  logo appstore

There are those who think that the remote control is much more practical, but after trying it and thinking about it now I understand that it does much more than make your gate / shutter smart by allowing it to be opened with Smartphone via bluetooth: changing about 1-2 remote controls a year in the family for € 20-25 each, its convenience over the years is immediately evident [...]

Trifone M.  -  logo amazon

I purchased 1Control and I open, through the app, a condominium gate and a shutter of a box directly from my iPhone or through the Apple Watch and it works very well and I also want to report the great availability and competence of the technical support.

Paul M.  -  logo appstore

Excellent product and assistance always ready to help and present. I had a problem that they helped me solve in no time.

Stefan P.  -  logo googleplay

The guide for copying the remote control is easy and crystal clear. Very comfortable the new possibility to choose the password!
I have connected 3 gates and have already shared access with the garage I rent. So I don't have to give him my remote anymore!

Mary Anne  -  logo appstore

Great product really useful. I copied two remote controls for gate and garage door. With the gate everything worked immediately, for the overhead door he asked me to press a button on the control unit and then it worked. Really very comfortable, I use it a lot when I go out on my bike. Recommended.

Paul  -  logo amazon

Between those at home and those in the office now I'm filling up with remote controls .. Having the ability to delete them thanks to an app is fantastic!

Gabriela H.  -  logo googleplay

Works as per description. Even with Apple Watch it works great. Gorgeous product and very well cared for packaging.

loryyyyyyy  -  logo appstore

I gave it to my husband who loves these contraptions and it's fabulous. Very useful and for what he was paid he looks like him even when compared to more expensive products.

Nicky  -  logo amazon

Simply fantastic! I still don't understand how I managed to do without it all these years !!! Easy installation

Marc M.  -  logo googleplay

Convenient app - open gate and garage all from your phone. And if you have several gates, home, work, etc., you do everything from one device instead of having several remote controls. Really well thought out!

Fra19837564  -  logo appstore

Nice product, does what it says. You can open up to 4 gates by copying the remote control with the app. I put the gate and the overhead door (they are 10 meters from each other). I placed it in the driveway as it is also resistant to water. We all use it in the family and the remote control continues to work, really convenient. Recommended product. Amazon ships as fast as ever.

Rita  -  logo amazon

Very satisfied. What I needed. Very comfortable and very easy to use and to assemble, thanks also to the assistance.

Harry F.  -  logo googleplay

I have been using this device for 3 years now and I am fully satisfied with the purchase. The second generation also has a better reach which facilitates opening / closing even in less than optimal conditions. I use it for 430 and 860 MHz radio controls and the duplication procedure worked the first time without any problem. Highly recommended.

Damian G.  -  logo amazon

I was enthusiastic about the product that is simple to use but above all easy to install, it immediately recognized my two remote controls and it works great. I highly recommend the product.

Efrem B.  -  logo googleplay

It worked with my two remote controls, one original Faac from about 20 years ago and also with the other, from the same period. The bluetooth works up to almost 20 meters. Convenient being able to share accesses, the time period and view the access log from the app. Installation is fairly straightforward, and the app works well on both Android and iOS.

David S.  -  logo amazon

All the entrances to your home in one app

A unique user experience to access your home with your Smartphone or Smart Watch (Apple & Android WearOS): with the gate opener SOLO you open the gate and garage, with the smart lock DORY you open the door and with the Wi-Fi SmartHome Hub LINK you can manage all openings even remotely and with voice commands.
You can also continue to use traditional keys and remote controls.

app 1control ios android

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone
1Control - open gate and door with smartphone

Security and reliability are important to us

SOLO gate opener patented

Patented and Made in Italy

1Control is an innovative Italian SME and our first product is the SOLO gate opener, patented as the only one in the world to have no cable to connect thanks to Bluetooth 4.0. Furthermore, SOLO is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, maintaining the highest and most recent safety standards.


Fast and safe shipping with by express courier

For all our shipments, we only use express couriers, a guarantee of safety and precision in transport. Delivery times are generally 3 to 4 working days. At the time of shipment, you will receive an email with the tracking of your package.


AICEL safety certification

AICEL (Italian Electronic Commerce Association) is the only body that certifies Italian companies that have electronic commerce. 1Control's website and e-commerce have obtained the AICEL "SONOSICURO" certification, which indicates to the Internet user that the store he is visiting is safe and that he is genuinely committed to meeting his needs and to respect their rights as a consumer.

And who doesn't have a smartphone?

He can continue to use the old remote control.
SOLO does not change your gate or garage in any way.

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone
1Control SOLO+LINK - Smart opening from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto infotainment

Place the gate opener SOLO correctly

For optimal operation it is essential to pay attention to the positioning. The operating distance between SOLO and smartphone is determined by the phone's Bluetooth and is approximately 15-20 meters. The distance between SOLO and the automation to be controlled is instead 30-50 meters.

If you have several gates / garages to control, you can place SOLO halfway between them, or you can keep it in the car dashboard and control automations even very far from each other.

Would you like to place SOLO next to the gate but also to have no distance limits? Choose the combo SOLO+LINK to open wherever you are.

1Control SOLO - open gate with smartphone

Data Sheet

For technical details see the technical data sheet:

Download SOLO MINI Data Sheet  
Download SOLO Data Sheet  
Download SOLO EVO Data Sheet  

Your most frequently asked questions

No, SOLO can be installed by anyone without the need to call a technician. The device does not need a particular installation as it is battery powered and has no cable to connect to the gate. Just buy the device, install the free app and follow a short wizard to copy your remote.
Then, by placing the device near the gate, you can easily open from your smartphone!

SOLO is able to control up to 4 gates / garages within a radius of 15-20 meters, so in most cases it can be positioned halfway between the gate and the garage boxes, for example.
If these are more distant, it is possible to keep the device in the car dashboard and solve the distance problem, or install 2 devices.

SOLO is compatible with more than 700 remote control models, both Fixed Code and Rolling Code. Furthermore, for non-compatible remote controls we have developed SOLO KIT, a small receiver + remote control kit to be connected in parallel which makes any automation compatible.

Typically a smartphone can simultaneously manage, depending on the model, from 3 to 6 Bluetooth devices. So there is no problem to use SOLO when connected to the Bluetooth headset or car Bluetooth

No, SOLO uses Bluetooth LE 4.0 technology and therefore an internet data connection is not required. Our product uses bluetooth because it is designed for all those cases in which the wi-fi does not reach the gate / garage, because it is too far away or underground. Furthermore, bluetooth 4 does not consume much battery unlike the wi-fi connection and this allows us to have a completely wireless device that can be used by anyone without the intervention of an installer.

The purchase of additional users and channels can be made directly from the "1Control" app.
The cost is € 5 for adding a user and € 10 for adding a channel.

The "1Control" app is completely free and downloadable from the Apple iPhone and Google Android stores. There are no additional costs to purchase the device SOLO to be connected to the app.

SOLO is protected by an 8-digit PIN set by the device administrator on first installation. Only those who have the PIN code or those who receive a share from the owner of the device can open the gate / garage.
Furthermore, the communication between smartphone and SOLO is protected by the latest security algorithms, while the communication between SOLO and the gate uses the same security as the original remote control.

SOLO does not want to replace the remote control but is also designed for all those occasions when this is not at hand, for example by motorbike, by bike and on foot. Nowadays we always have the phone with us.
Furthermore the sharing and revocation of accesses, with possible limitations on certain days of the week / time slots, makes use smarter and very different from the traditional remote control. We also introduced Siri voice commands and direct opening via Smart Watch!

SOLO allows direct opening via Android Watch (WearOS) and Apple Watch.
This means that you can open the gate and garage even without having the phone with you, a very convenient feature if you go out for a run / walk / bike ride without keys or remote controls.

If you are not completely satisfied with a purchased product, you can return it within 30 days from the date of delivery of the goods for a full refund.
You can start the return procedure by contacting customer support via email at
The shipping costs for returning the product are charged to the customer. The seller will refund the full amount of the product once the return is received.

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