The smart bluetooth padlock

Secure your scooter, bike or gym locker with 1Control LOCO.

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1Control LOCO - the smart bluetooth padlock

Discover how convenient a keyless padlock is

No more forgotten or lost keys, LOCO is the smart Bluetooth padlock that can be operated directly from smartphones and smartwatches. Very comfortable in the swimming pool and in the gym or to protect your scooter and bike.

Here are the unique features of the LOCO smart padlock

Protect your items with a tap

You don't need keys or PINs, just a tap on your smartphone to open your padlock. With 1Control LOCO you keep under control who opens your lock and when, even while you are at work or travelling.

No need to change the batteries

1Control LOCO can be recharged with a normal USB-C cable, there is no need to replace the batteries and the device warns you when it is running low. Battery life in stand-by is more than 180 days.

Highly secure

1Control LOCO has a design with a reinforced aluminum body and stainless steel security shackle. Furthermore, Bluetooth communication via smartphone is encrypted with the most modern security algorithms.

Icona Agenti atmosferici

It doesn't fear any weather

LOCO is not afraid of rain, snow and exposure to sunlight. Operating temperature from -20°C to +50°C. IP67 certified.

Icona smart watch

Even from the smart watch

In addition to normal opening from a smartphone, just a tap on the Smartwatch (Apple and Android WearOS) is enough to open your padlock. You don't even need to have your phone with you, you can open directly from your watch.

Icona no internet

It works even without Internet

The LOCO smart padlock does not use SIM or Internet/Wi-Fi connection. It simply uses Bluetooth 4, so it works even in underground places or without a data connection.

Icona condivisioni

Sharing and revoking opening

From the app you can create revocable shares, to allow other users to open the lock

Icona storico accessi

Check the openings made

From the app you can view the history of openings, to keep track of who and when opened your smart padlock.

Icona più utenti

Multiple users, a single LOCO

Share your device's PIN code with friends and family for unlimited access, or create revocable shares with your children, employees, guests, gardener, dog walker,...

Icona smartphone compatibili

Compatible smartphones

Apple iPhone 4S or above with iOS 8 or above. Android smartphone with system 4.3 or higher and Bluetooth 4LE.

Very simple installation

Open the package and charge your padlock

Once charged, pair it with the 1Control app following the guided procedure

Done! Now you can manage the opening and access control of the padlock directly from your phone and smartwatch

Just one tap on your phone or smartwatch

To open your smart padlock, just tap on your phone or Apple Watch / Android WearOS smartwatch.
No key and no PIN needed.

1Control LOCO - Openable bluetooth smart padlock with phone and smartwatch
1Control LOCO - Openable bluetooth smart padlock with phone and smartwatch
1Control LOCO - smart bluetooth padlock

Do everything from the App

Conveniently manage your padlock from your smartphone and smartwatch.

When you use it for the first time, the app guides you in configuring your padlock, after which you can open it with a tap in complete safety and share the opening even from a distance.

1Control LOCO - smart bluetooth padlock

Share your accesses

Give your padlock PIN to friends and family to allow them unlimited access.

Or create a share from the app simply by indicating the phone number of the user you want to enable, even remotely. You can set time constraints (start and end date, days of the week, hours of the day) and revoke it at any time.

1Control LOCO - smart bluetooth padlock

Check who opens your padlock

Select a date and see who opened your padlock.

Monitor who is authorized to use specific padlock and every detail of sharing.

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1Control LOCO electronic smart padlock

1Control LOCO

Shipping via express courier and 30 days for returns

  • Opening from Smartphone and Smartwatch
  • Rechargeable battery via USB-C
  • No internet needed, uses Bluetooth
  • It is not afraid of rain, frost, direct sun, it is IP67
  • Shares and opening history
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Revolutionize opening with the LINK accessory

Add the LINK Smarthome Hub to your LOCO padlock: thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you enable remote opening and with Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts voice commands.

Discover more

1Control SOLO

Share the opening with whoever you want

Do you have to let someone open your padlock? Just tap the 1Control app to share with anyone, even remotely.

FAQ: the most frequently asked questions

No, LOCO can be installed by anyone and is ready to use. The device does not require any particular installation: simply follow the procedure guided by the app for the initial configuration, after which you can open from your phone and smartwatch, create shares with other users, check the history of openings, ...

LOCO is compatible with the 1Control app that you already use with the SOLO gate opener and the DORY lock. This means that after installation and pairing with the app, you will also be able to open your smart padlock from the same main opening screen.

No, LOCO uses Bluetooth LE 4.0 technology and therefore an internet data connection is not required. Our product uses Bluetooth because it is designed for all those cases where wi-fi or connection is not available. Furthermore, Bluetooth 4 consumes little battery unlike the wi-fi connection and this allows us to have a completely wireless device with a long-lasting battery.

No, there are no additional costs when purchasing the LOCO device to connect to the "1Control" app (free).

LOCO is protected by an 8-digit PIN set by the device administrator upon first installation. Only someone who has the PIN code or someone who receives a share from the device owner can open the lock.
The communication between LOCO and a smartphone is protected by latest generation security algorithms based on public keys and symmetric end-to-end encryption with ephemeral keys.

LOCO allows direct opening via Android Watch (WearOS) and Apple Watch. This means that you can open the lock even without having your phone with you.

If you are not completely satisfied with a purchased product, you can return it within 30 days from the date of delivery of the goods for a full refund.
You can start the return procedure by contacting customer support via email at
The shipping costs for returning the product are charged to the customer. The seller will refund the full amount of the product once the return is received.

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