Do you want to manage the passage of people and vehicles in your company in a simple and safe way?
Do you need to give access to drivers, employees, customers or suppliers?

1Control - Access control and management in the company from smartphone

Manage access to the company in a simple and smart way

Grant access to gates, overhead doors, automatic barriers and doors to drivers, employees, customers and suppliers directly from a PC by setting access permissions with dates and times, and keep everything under control thanks to the access register.

Enter the company in a simple and smart way using your smartphone!

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No more problems

If you use keys and remote controls, granting access to a gate or door requires making unnecessary copies that often break, get lost or are not returned.

Make things smart

Using the smartphone means being able to grant access in real time, limit permissions on days and times and check who enters and who leaves.

In complete security

Remote controls and keys are unsafe because they are easily copied and are often lost or not returned.

There is no point in wasting time and money using decades-old and now obsolete access systems. Habit leads us to think that this is okay, but now the technologies have moved on and there are simpler and safer ways to enter the company.

What does it mean to manage access in a smart way?

Have you ever had to make copies of keys and remote controls?

Have you ever lost a key or broke a remote control?

Have your batteries ever run out? Are keys and remote controls always returned to you?

Managing access in a smart and modern way means not having to worry about any of these things.

What smart functions could you integrate?

Share access to a gate or door in one click directly on the smartphone or smartwatch of the person who has to enter

Limit the days and times this person can log in

Check in real time who enters and who leaves your company

Remotely check the opening status (OPEN / CLOSED) of the gate or door

The smart solution for your company

Here are some companies that have decided to manage access in a smart way

These are just some of the companies that have chosen the advantages and benefits offered by 1Control products

Opening gates to suppliers from smartphones

How does it work?

It's very simple. Our products are suitable for use with gates, overhead doors, doors, pedestrian gates, etc. You can use them outdoors or indoors.

Connect our device to the automation you want to open
Install the free 1Control app on your smartphone and connect to your web administrative area from a PC
Share access with whoever you want, set access dates and times, check who enters and who leaves

That's why choose 1Control ACCESS and 1Control ENTRY products

Access Sharing

Access sharing with the possibility of setting days and time slots for validity.

Access history

It is possible to check all the accesses made to the automations and keep under control who and when activated a given entrance.

Group management

1Control ACCESS and ENTRY allow the creation of groups in order to speed up the assignment of permissions. For example "employee group", "cleaning group", etc...

Different ways to access

Opening with app on smartphone, smartwatch, remote control, phone call.

License plate reading

1Control ACCESS and ENTRY can be equipped with cameras with license plate recognition to open the access gate simply by arriving by car.

Remote opening

Possibility of remote opening, without distance limits. The function can be enabled/disabled for each individual user.


Maximum security, communication is encrypted with the most modern security algorithms (Diffie Hellman, AES, SHA256, asymmetric keys).

1 Device, 1000 users

A single 1Control ENTRY or 1Control ACCESS device allows you to manage the access of different users, up to a maximum of 1000.

Compatible smartphones

Apple iPhone 4S or above with iOS 8 or above system. Android smartphone with 4.3 or higher system and Bluetooth 4LE.

Manage access to gates, doors and
garages from your computer

The Web Admin 1Control is the complete and professional solution, which allows you to manage your accesses directly from your computer and without using management complexes.
Everything is easily managed from the web administrative area where you can see your devices, add people and create access groups. You can see the access log and see in real time who has entered and left, from what access point, with what access method and at what time.

Company entrance access monitoring register
Company entrance management home automation

Manage your business entrances

Share one or more entrances (gate, garage door, door, etc ...) with collaborators and customers, simply by indicating the mobile number of the user you want to enable, even remotely.

You can decide for each person which accesses he is authorized to access and on what days and times. For example "main gate" every day and "secondary gate" on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 12:00.

Groups can also be created. For example, you can create an "employees" group and a "maintenance" group to assign certain access rights to several people at the same time.

You can assign to each person the access methods you want, smartphone or remote controls.

Check who enters and who leaves the company

Check who enters and who leaves your company

Do you want to verify that your guests have arrived? Has the cleaning service arrived? And has the maintenance company already left the building?

With the Web Admin 1Control you can control who enters and who leaves: select a period of time and view the accesses made, or keep an eye on which users are authorized to use your gate.

Manage accesses to entrances several apartments buildings and branches with remote controls and smartphones

Do you have multiple apartment buildings or branches to manage and for which you want to control access?

Thanks to the 1Control Web Admin you can control all accesses, even from different buildings, comfortably from your computer and remotely, without having to go on site.

Smart remote controls

With 1Control ACCESS even traditional remote controls become smart!

This means that if a person is enabled to open a gate only on certain days and times, his remote control will also be disabled automatically outside these days. For example if Mr. Mario Rossi can only enter from Monday to Friday, his remote control will not work on Saturdays and Sundays.

And the management is really simple. There is a serial number on the back of the remote control. In the administration panel the desired person must be selected, for example Mr. John Doe, and enter the serial number of the remote control you want to give him. The game is done. Automatically that remote control will work only according to the limitations of days and times that are attributed to Mr. Mario Rossi.

remote control smart 1Control

Smart license plate reading

1Control ACCESS and ENTRY can be equipped with one or more cameras with license plate recognition.
In this way, it is possible to open the access door simply by arriving by car nearby.

Even license plates become smart!
This means that if a person is authorized to open a gate only on certain days and times, opening with a plate outside those days will also be automatically disabled.
And management is really simple. In the administration panel the desired person must be selected, for example Mr. John Doe, and the license plate number of his vehicle must be entered.

cameras for automatic recognition vehicle plates

It works offline too!

1Control ACCESS and ENTRY keep in memory the permissions set for all users. In this way, even in the absence of Internet connectivity, they are able to function. Users can continue to enter/exit using Bluetooth with their smartphone, remote controls or car plate.

All changes made to users' permissions during periods of no Internet connectivity are saved in the cloud and are pushed to the device as soon as it is back online.

The right solution for different scenarios

Logistics centers

with several warehouses and many drivers


with doors to manage and the need to control access

Recycling centers

with many sites and pilots

Real Estate, Condominiums and Coworking

with pedestrian gates, access bars for different types of users and customers

Municipalities and Restricted Traffic Zone

with the need to regulate vehicle access

Here are some of our latest installations:

How much does it cost?

The price varies according to the type of device installed and includes:

Web access management from PC

App for Google Android and Apple iPhone

Number of users: 1,000

Professional telephone assistance

Outdoor device with its own Internet connectivity. Suitable for gates, automatic barriers and overhead doors.

You can enter the company by using:
• Smartphone or Smartwatch
• Smart remote controls
• License plate reading camera

Device Fee
569€ 14€/month
* Payments are anticipated upon signing of the contract with the charge of the first year. All prices are excluding VAT.

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Indoor device connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or LAN cable. Suitable for doors, gates and overhead doors.

You can enter the company by using:
• Smartphone or Smartwatch

Device Fee
199€ 9€/month
* Payments are anticipated upon signing of the contract with the charge of the first year. All prices are excluding VAT.

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A normal remote control costs on average between € 15 and € 50.

With 1Control ACCESS and 1Control ENTRY you can manage up to 1,000 users with just one device. We let you do the math.

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