About us

1Control s.r.l.

1Control est une PME innovante née de l'idée de révolutionner et de simplifier le monde des produits IoT pour Smart Home. L’objectif est d’offrir une nouvelle façon de vivre la maison, avec des produits innovants, hautement technologiques et faciles à installer.

L'expérience acquise au cours de ces années nous a permis d'avoir une vision claire et précise du marché de la maison intelligente et de mettre en place une feuille de route de produits évolutifs, capables de répondre aux besoins de différents secteurs.


Marco Streparava


Serial entrepreneur and Partner at Superpartes Innovation Campus

Paolo Rota


Entrepreneur with experience in the B2C & Retail sectors, B2B products & solutions

Francesco Sarasini


Inventor and Founder of 1Control, 5+ years experience in software and hardware design

Matteo Galvagni


MBA, 15+ years of experience in marketing, sales and business develop

Bruno Podavini


20+ years experience in sales

Ivan Fogliata


Financial analyst, Professor of Corporate Finance and member of the Board of Directors of BCC and Alto Adige Banca

Stefania Dorè


10+ years of sales support

Francesco Ariazzi


3+ years of customer support and software developer

Mauro Olivo


10+ years of experience in iOS app development

Alessia Fachin


5+ years experience in Web Marketing, Social Media Management & Digital Communication

Jakub Kilinski


Customer assistance and support in the development of new products

Advisory Board

Giuseppe Bellandi


Serial entrepreneur, in the last 35 years he has founded several industrial companies and brought them to excellence. The latest is GIMATIC, a world leader in sensors and high-tech automation devices, which was sold to the APIC Capital fund in 2016.

Marino Piotti


A graduate in computer engineering, in 1994 he co-founded Onion (10 + M € rev., 150+ people), one of the first Internet companies in Italy. After selling Onion in 2008, he co-founded Superpartes, one of the leading incubators in Italy, where he has since supervised and led several technology startups.

Luca Salgarelli


Graduated in electronic engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, researcher at CEFRIEL / Politecnico di Milano and then at Bell Labs Research. Associate Professor of Telecommunications since 2003, in 2011 he co-founded Tsec and in 2015 he was the protagonist of the birth of Inxpect in which he is currently CEO.

Guido Bertoni


Graduated and doctorate at the Milan Polytechnic in 1999 and 2004 respectively. He worked in STMicroelectronics from 2003 to 2017, holding the role of Security & Cryptography Principal Engineer. Since 2017, he is CEO and co-founder of Security Pattern.